Greetings to the inaugural Glencairn Trail Run flock

Firstly, thank you for entering the very first Glencairn Trail Run. The public response so far has been great and we look forward to hosting you all on the 28th of October.

With just under two months to go we hope that everyone is finally off the couch now that the epic three-weeks of TV Olympics has passed. We sure that you are all inspired to achieve your sporting goals after watching Team South Africa bring home 10 medals and witnessing Wayde Van Niekerk smash Michael Johnsons 200m World Record.

This is the first of the newsletters building up towards the event. We will use these to keep you in the loop of what is happening in the build up to the very first Glencairn Trail Run.


The recent race village developments of sani2c resulted in the acquisition of Glencairn Farm, a small sheep farm at the foothills of the Sani Pass Valley. Over the past two years the farm has been developed into a world class race village which hosts the start of the KAP sani2c and the finish of stage 6 of the Old Mutual joberg2c. Although still very much a small sheep farm, these recent developments aimed at these races have provided a great venue to host a trail running stage event.

In December we and a group of mates spent a few weeks at Glencairn Farm training for the Dusi Canoe Marathon. In doing so we ran through a range of stunning areas surrounding Glencairn Farm, from dairy farms, to pine forests and then of course, up alongside the Drakensberg Mountains. The diversity of scenery is unique to the area and best explored on foot; making is an ideal place for trail running. Spending time in this special part of our country leaves one rejuvenated and ready to face the world. We are sure that you too will experience this feeling, even though you may feel a little stiff after your weekend in the Southern Drakensberg.


We have been running our favourite routes around Glencairn for the past month and thanks to lots of help from our neighbouring farmers we have been able to constantly improve them. This weekend sees our final route tester. We are confident that we will have two great routes ready for you, come the end of October.

On completing the entry into this event you would have either chosen to do “The Ram Run” or “The Lamb Run”. You will all start off at Glencairn Farm along the same route each day. At some point the Lambs will split off and start heading back home whilst the Rams will continue on a longer loop only to re-join the Lambs for the last few kilometres.


Registration will be held at Glencairn Farm on Friday afternoon from 3pm to 8pm. For those runners we will have late registration on the morning of the race from 5am. P.S. The runner registering last will be required to run with our specially designed head gear. He may nominate another runner for Day2. …for the guy that forgets his shoes at home!


It is advisable that all runners attend race briefing as there are always little tips you can pick up (like route marker colours). We guaranteed to have some Lamb Runners becoming Ram Runners by the end of the weekend…. Race briefing will be held at Glencairn Farm on Friday afternoon at 6:30pm. Most details will be covered in these newsletters in the build up to the start so please don’t risk the traffic should you be running late for race briefing.


  • PACKING: Getting organized and setup comfortably in the race village is key to a great relaxing weekend. It all starts off with your preparation and packing. (See our recommended packing list here)
  • ROOM SERVICE: We will supply each runner with their own tent and mattresses. You welcome to share tents should you wish. The tents are plenty big enough for two adults. (2.4m x 2.4m) REMEMBER: Please don’t forget to bring your own towel, favourite pillow and a warm sleeping bag. Or better still a sheet and duvet. Remember you in the berg so things can get chilly.
  • MEALS: Your entry fee includes all meals including Friday supper and Sunday lunch. You should not go hungry although we do recommend that you bring along a few of your favourite snacks to nibble on.
  • BAR: Their will be a reasonably priced, full stocked bar. We request that you support this bar and do not bring your own alcohol onto the premises.
  • SHOWERS & TOILETS: Glencairn has proper showers with hot water guaranteed 24/7. Plenty of real, airy, flush toilets are a permanent fixture at Glencairn so there is no need for you to start practicing to hold your breath!
  • CHILL AREA: The main barn at Glencairn will act as the chill area. The pub, 24hr tea and coffee station and the relaxation lounges will be found in this area. This will be the hub of the race village and various post run activities will happen in or around this area.
  • POST RUN ACTIVITIES: An afternoon yoga session and various other activities are planned.
  • MASSAGE & PHYSIO: Masseuse and Physio services will be available for those who would like a rub. The next newsletter will contain booking information.
  • TRAINING: With 6 weeks to go you cannot leave your training any longer. Remember: the fitter you are the more you will enjoy your run and from experience we have found that all our grumpy people are unfit. So take this time and use it wisely, get training and generate those happy hormones. If you live in Durban join us at Regents and Riverside Trail


If your loved ones want to come join us for the weekend and are not a Lamb or Ram Runner just yet they can email to book a supporter package. This will include tented accommodation for the two nights and all meals at a cost of R900.

Till the next newsletter packed with more info.

Happy running!

Tamika, OG and the Glencairn flock