The Glencairn Trail Run is a fully serviced stage race. There are two events of different distances catering for runners of different abilities:


Day 1: 12km | Day 2: 8km


Day 1: 21km | Day 2: 18km

Each participant, no matter what distance they are doing, will be treated exactly the same. Everyone is as important as the next and we aim to give everyone a great experience. We hope to inspire as many people to get running and explore this stunning part of the country.

Runners wanting to change from the Lamb to the Ram or vice versa can do so by emailing admin@glencairntrailrun.co.za until the 6th October. Otherwise swaps can be done at registration or on the day. If you decide mid-run to change please inform the time keepers as you cross the line.

We also have no time limits so you have all day to cross the finish line. Walkers are welcome!



Entry Fee

We have two options available to our runners:

• Full package R2100 (Glencairn Tent or Own Tent – the price is the same)

• Outside stay package R1940 (not staying in the Glencairn Race Village)

What Does It Include
  • 6 meals: including supper Friday and lunch on Sunday
  • 24 hour tea table
  • Fully serviced race village including bar, chill zone & charging station
  • Event garment (Salomon)
  • Tent and mattress (Only full package with Glencairn canvas tent. Full package with own tent will get an allocated site and access to all ablutions)
  • Event medal
  • Permanent ablutions (Hot showers and airy flushing  toilets)
  • Medical and doctor support
  • 24 hour security
  • Water tables (two per day)
  • Post run activities & entertainment (yoga, bottle feeding lambs, ultimate frisbee & live bands)
  • Awesome trails and a race village experience
  • Some of the most beautiful scenery in Southern Africa
What To Bring
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Light
  • Running clothes for two days
  • Casual clothes (it gets cold!)
  • Towel
  • Cash (bar & massages -nearest ATM 5.2kms away)
  • Credit card – medical emergencies
  • Chargers (please label)
  • Toiletries (including sunblock)
  • Great attitude
  • Passport – If you plan on going to the top of Sani Pass during the weekend
  • Download full packing list here


A payment plan allows you to pay for your entry in automatic monthly payments. You can choose over how many months you want to pay, with the last possible month of payment being August 2019. You can also select the day of the month on which the payments should be deducted.

The payment plan covers the full entry fee and only one card can be added per plan. 

To pay for your entry in automatic monthly payments, follow the steps below:

  • If you haven’t entered for the yet, click here.
  • Once entered, go to your Entry Ninja registration page.
  • Click “detail” for your Glencairn entry – this will load an overview of your entry.
  • Click “Pay complete registration”.
  • Select the “Monthly Payment Plan” option and click “Pay now”.
  • Use the + and  buttons to adjust the number of months you would like to pay over, and the day of the month the payments should be deducted.
  • Click “Sign Up for this Plan”, enter your credit/debit card details and click “Sign Up Now”.
  • A R1 transaction will be charged to your card, and reversed immediately. If this is successful, the first payment will be deducted from your card the following day. The remainder of the payments will be deducted monthly, as set up in the previous step.

*Glencairn Trail Run refund policy applies to the payment plan


Supporters/Children packages are available for all the great people coming to support their friends and family. The supporter package costs R1340 (see below what it includes). We do have a limited number of supporters packages though. You can book your supporter/child package online by adding it to your runners entry. You will be required to book in order to receive your village band. Anyone without a band will not be allowed meals. There will also be the option of meals only and no accommodation and these meal tickets can be purchased at the event through Underberg School.

*Please note that the supporter/child will share a tent with their runner. If there is more then 1 supporter or child per runner then an additional tent will be supplied to that “group”.

*Spots are limited

What Does It Include

2 NIGHTS ACCOMMODATION: We will supply supporters with their own tent and mattresses. You welcome to share tents should you wish. The tents are plenty big enough for two adults. (2.4m x 2.4m)

6 MEALS: Your supporter’s package includes all meals including Friday supper and Sunday lunch.

SHOWERS & TOILETS: Glencairn has proper showers with hot water guaranteed 24/7. Plenty of real, airy, flush toilets are a permanent fixture at Glencairn so there is no need for you to start practicing to hold your breath!

CHILL AREA: The main barn at Glencairn will act as the chill area. The pub, 24hr tea and coffee station and the relaxation lounges will be found in this area. This will be the hub of the race village and various post run activities will happen in or around this area. The supporters package will allow you to enjoy this area with the runners.

POST RUN ACTIVITIES & ENIRTAINMENT: Join a game of ultimate frisbee and enjoy sundowners listening to a live band.

DOCTOR: There will be an on-site doctor should you need to see him.

CHILD CARE DURING THE RUN: We will have someone looking after the children while his/her parents are running.


REMEMBER: Please don’t forget to bring your own towel, favorite pillow and a warm sleeping bag. Or better still a sheet and duvet. Remember you in the berg so things can get chilly.



If you are no longer able to take part in the event you can substitute your entry to someone else. There is a R150 admin fee for substitutions. Online substitutions will close on Wednesday 3rd October. You can then do on-the-day substitutions at Glencairn for a fee of R200.

What you need to know:
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure the person to receive the substitution has an account on Entry Ninja, and ensure you know the email address they use to log in.
  • Note: If they do not have an account you will be prompted to create one during the substitution process!
  • Each entrant can enter the substitution application details
  • The cost is R150 per substitution
  • Credit card and EFT payments will be accepted for the substitutions
  • You can come back to pay later, or pay immediately when you do the substitution
  • Please do not assume the substitution is complete until payment has been made and the Substitution Confirmation email has been received
To make the substitution follow these steps:
  • Go to Entry Ninja
  • Log in using your email & password (alternatively using facebook or google).
  • Click on your name – top right corner of the screen.
  • In the dropdown menu select “My Entries”.
  • A list of your entries will be displayed
  • Select “detail” for your Glencairn entry – this will load an overview of your entry.
  • In the members table, on the right you will see a substitute button.
  • Clicking the substitute button will open the “Substitute member” page.
  • Enter the email of the person who is going to receive the entry.
  • Save.
  • You will be redirected back to your registration overview page – not the message at the top of your screen: “Substitution added to change list. Please click ‘confirm changes’ in your changes overview.”
  • Click on the changes overview or scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the Confirm changes button
  • Once you are sure that the information is correct click Confirm changes, if for any reason the information is not correct you can withdraw the substitution.
  • You will be redirected to the payment page where the substitution fee can be paid.
  • If you have any questions, please contact admin@glencairntrailrun.co.za
    or support@entryninja.com
    alternatively talk to one of the support using the live chat
If I substitute, can I change my clothing size?
  • Garment size changes can only be made if your do your substitution before 30 July.


If you are no longer able to take part in the event and do not have anyone to substitute your entry to, we will refund 90% of your entry fee up until 31st July. For the month of August 75% of your entry fee will be refunded, then from 1st September 50% of your entry will be refunded. No refunds will be available from 15th September.



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