With just under two weeks to go route and race village prep is well underway. We have found some beautiful areas surrounding the farm and the local resident sheep and ourselves are looking forward to sharing these with the inaugural runners of the Glencairn Trail Run. Teams have been hard at work and we have built over 8 new pieces of “single track” through veld, Pholela River bush, pine and gum forests . Thanks to the help and support from our neighbouring farmers we are confident that we will have two great routes ready for you, come the end of October.

So how did this trail run evolve? In December we and a group of mates spent a few weeks at Glencairn Farm training for the Dusi Canoe Marathon. In doing so we ran through a range of stunning areas surrounding Glencairn Farm, from dairy farms, to pine forests and then of course, up alongside the Drakensberg Mountains. The diversity of scenery is unique to the area and best explored on foot; making is an ideal place for trail running – so why not a Trail Running Event? Hence the birth of the Glencairn Trail Run!

Glencairn Trail Run allows runners to choose either; the longer event “The Ram Run” or the shorter “The Lamb Run”. All runners will start at Glencairn Farm, along the same route each day. At some point the Lambs will split off and start heading back home whilst the Rams will continue on a longer loop only to re-join the Lambs for the last few kilometres. Ram Runners will run 21kms on day 1 followed by 16kms on day 2. The Lamb Runners will do 12kms on day 1 and then a 8km the last day.