Hi all Glencairn Trail Runners

We hope that you are all keeping fit and healthy and are enjoying the extended hours allowed out for exercise.

In the light of the restrictions imposed relating the Covid-19 pandemic we have recently had a few queries regarding whether the Glencairn Trail Run will go ahead. With 3 months to go there is a lot that can happen between now and then and we will monitor the situation. We promise to keep you all informed as well as provide some contingency plans should we be unable to host you at the farm in a few months’ time.

Although we cannot guarantee that this year’s event will happen, we will continue preparing and looking for ways to make the 5th edition of the Glencairn Trail Run a year to remember. We have begun scouting some amazing new trails. Runners can expect big route changes as we aim to give Day 1 a fresh new look. In doing so, we aim to further showcase what the beautiful Pholela River Valley and Sani Pass surrounds have to offer. We will be providing some sneak peaks on what to look forward to come the 9th of October should we get the go ahead to kick things off. Let’s hold thumbs!

Stay safe and we hope to see you all soon.

OG, Miks and the Glencairn team